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Yamuna Clinic Brochure (English)

• The clinic was opened in New Delhi since August 2002
• It is a charitable clinic and totally free for all Burmese in India
• The doctor, the administrator and the clinic assistants are unpaid volunteers
• It is NOT a proposal clinic
• The clinic received the following assistance:
o The National Health and Education Committee (NHEC) purchased medicine for the clinic once a year from 2002 to 2008. No assistance since 2009.
o UNHCR provided Minor Surgical and Obstetrics instrument, Labor room table, Halogen spot light, electric boiler in 2005
o YMCA provides Chlorine tablets, ORS and condoms occasionally
o Ad hoc donation from Burmese refugees who resettled in third countries, Burmese expatriates, foreign and Indian individuals, BRC-USA, and donation box placed at clinic
Health services provided by Yamuna Clinic

• Out-patient examination and treatment on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday starting from 3:30 PM
• Follow-up and emergency treatment on non-clinic days
• Any time for labor cases since November 2006
• Any time for unfortunate pregnancy cases
• Family planning
• Occasional area visits in Delhi and border areas for emergencies and outbreaks
• Prenatal and post-natal care for pregnant mothers
• Dental extraction
• Surgical treatment

Other Health-related services
• Mother and child support program (when funds are available)
• Medical certificates for students, employees and UNHCR applicants
• Birth certificate for UNHCR
• Representatives of the clinic participated in the meeting to highlight Health issues of Burmese refugees

Laboratory tests
• Urine for Albumin Test
• Urine for Sugar Test
• Urine for Pregnancy Test

Free distribution program
• Chlorine tablets
• Contraceptive pills
• Condom
• Mosquito mats and coils (when available)

Health Trainings
• Yamuna clinic, without NGO funding, trains women refugees who speak ethnic languages to serve as clinic assistants (As of today 23 clinic assistants got trained)
• With the help of NHEC, Yamuna clinic conducts the following trainings for Burmese refugees
o Three First Aid trainings in 2007 (13 + 13 + 11 = 37 trainees)
o One Traditional Birth Attendance (TBA) training in 2007 (15 trainees)

Health education (HE)
• Yamuna Clinic and VHAD joint Health Education programs in 2006
• Yamuna Clinic and NHEC/WR joint Health Education programs in 2007 and 2008
• Yamuna Clinic, Bosco Ashalayam and NHEC/WR joint Health Awareness Programs in 2008 and 2009
• Yamuna Clinic and Women Empowerment Program of Bodhisukha Monastery (Kolkata)
• HIV/AIDS Talks for Burmese and Tibetan Communities in 2008
• Women Clinic assistants are providing HE on family planning and (STDs) to women refugees

Immunization (Vaccination)
• In 2007: OPV (Oral Polio Vaccine), Hepatitis B, DPT (Diphtheria, Pertusis and Tetanus), Measles, MMR (Measles, Mumps and Rubella), Typhoid, TT (Tetanus Toxoid)
• BCG vaccine is available since 2-2-2010
• Hepatitis B vaccine is available since 7-9-2010
• Current available vaccines are BCG, ATT, OPV, DPT, Hepatitis B

Clinic assistants (Past and Present)
Previous assistants
1. Ma Mar Mar Aye, BU-25, Senior Medic, (Late)
2. Ma Khin Moe Swe (a) Bawi Hnem Tling, BU-303, Senior Medic, (Canada)
3. Ms. Ah Zin, 02IND961, Medic, (Australia)
4. Ma Maw Maw Lwin, BU-198, First Aid Worker, (Australia)
5. Mrs. Lal Rin Thari, BU-187, TBA and First Aid Worker, (Norway)
6. Ms. Sui Hlawn Iang, 06IND531, TBA and First Aid Worker, (Australia)
7. Ms Parte, Traditional Birth Attendant and First Aid Worker
8. Ms. Niang Tawi Lian, 06IND614, First Aid Worker
9. Ms Sentei (a) Hning Than Ruali, First Aid Worker
10. Mr. Bo Nai, 06IND428, Community Health Worker
11. Mr. Kho Boi, 05IND158, Senior Medic
12. Mrs. Dai En Niang, 06IND614, Staff Nurse, (USA)
13. Ms. Nu Boih (a) Vung Suan Man, HCL/07C1039, TBA, First Aid Worker, (USA)
14. Ms. Cing Buah (a) Hau Lam Cing, HCL/07C1051, TBA and First Aid Worker, (USA)
15. Ms. Cing Nem Sian (a) Mann No, HCL/07C1052, TBA and First Aid Worker, (USA)
16. Ms. Ning Khen Cing (a) Cing Lek, under training
17. Ms. Kim Tawi Hau, 07IND757, Under training
18. Ms Cing Dim Zo (a) Zonu, under training
19. Ma Aye Thazin Wai, First Aid Worker
20. Ms Niang Lam Mang, Since 25-7-2009
21. Ms. Cing Kop Lun, HCR/06/IND614, Under training, (USA)
22. Ms Hau Zam
23. Ms Cing Deih Lun, 13-6-09
24. Ms Cing Dim Zo (a) Zonu, Under training
25. Ms Hau Zam, Since last week of May 2009
26. Ms Sanlek, under training, Since December 2009
27. Lam Lun, under training, Since January 2010
28. Mrs. Lal Duh Om, (Auxiliary midwife), Since 11-6-09
29. Mrs. Cing Lam Lun, under training, Since September 2009
30. Ma San San, 07IND524, under training, Since 7-2-2010
31. Cing Khan Man (a) A Mawi, 09C02182, under training, Since January 2010
32. Mr. Ro Kung, 04IND360, Community Health Worker
33. Ms Cing Cingh, Under training, Since 9-8-2010
34. Ma Sanda Win, 04IND247, Since December 2009 (Australia)
35. Ms Thang Sung (Tapi), 08IND673, Under training, Since July 2009
36. Ms Ni Ni (1), 09C1291, Under training, Since 7-10-2010
37. Ms Lin Lin, Under training, Since 27-7-2010 (Australia)
38. Ms Naomi, Under training, Since July 2010
39. Ms Cing Khek, Under training, Since 7-10-2010
40. Ms Cing Nu, 09/2044, Under training, Since 27-7-2010
41. Ms Thian Khaw Taiang (Thiang Te) starts as clinic assistant since 14-7-2011
42. Hau Sian Muang (Muang No), Under training, Since March 2011
43. Ms Niang Lun, 19 1711, Under training, Since 16-10-2011
44. Ms Esther Zopar, 04C00109, since 12-11-2011
45. Ms Ni Ni (2), Under training
46. Ms Aye Aye Aung
47. Ms Amawi
48. Ms Lhing Boi since 5-7-2012
49. Daw Thida Myint, BU-674, Trained Nurse, Since 23-10-2008
50. Roi Moi, Under training, Since March 2011
51. Nu Nu (2), Under training, since 5-1-2013
52. Ms Neng Kho Lam (Si Si), Under training, since 17-7-2012
53. Cing San Lun (Venus), Under training, since 6-9-2012
54. Mrs Thle Zit, UNHCR # 09/2396, Under training, since 28-5-2013
55. Nu Nu (1), Assistant, Since 23-4-2011
56. Ms Cing Sum Kim (Kimnu), Volunteers on-call since 30-8-2012
57. Ms Man Lun Mang (Mangnu), Volunteers on-call since 30-8-2012

Present assistants
58. Ms Cheery Phun Mawi, UNHCR # 08IND21, Senior assistant, since November 2008
59. Ms Cho Chong, UNHCR # 08C1038, Senior assistant, since 9-3-2010
60. Ko Zaw Than, Community Health Worker, since 5-7-2011
61. Niang Sum (Merry), Assistant, UNHCR # 10C001685, since March 2012
62. Robert Cung, UNHCR # 10/1356, Under training, since 28-4-2012
63. Ms Even, UNHCR # 09/498, Under training, since 3-1-2013
64. Mrs Cing No, UNHCR # 11/899, Auxiliary midwife, since 25-5-2013
65. Ms Cing Boi, 10C 00399, since 11-6-2013
66. Ms Minge, since 29-6-2013
67. Robin, since second week of July 2013, Under training
68. Mang Pi, since second week of July 2013, Under training

• Total labor cases = 314 (3-8-2013)
• Total male babies = 154 (1 twin)
• Total female babies = 169
• IUCD cases = 15
• Breech delivery = 6
• Unfortunate early pregnancy cases = 48
• Sterilization cases = 2

Time of birth of 314 labor cases (As of 3-8-20123)
• 71 babies were born between 6 AM and 12 Noon
• 100 babies were born between 12 Noon and 6 PM
• 69 babies were born between 6 PM and 12 Midnight
• 60 babies were born between 12 Midnight and 6 AM
• 14 babies left no record

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